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  • iCan Screen 6.5”

    iCan Screen 6.5”

    iCan Screen 6.5″ is a multi-purpose ruggedized display specially designed for cabin and cockpit applications, like CDSS (Cockpit Door Surveillance...

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  • iCan Screen 13.3″

    iCan Screen 13.3″

    iCan Screen 13.3″ is a multi-purpose ruggedized display specially designed for avionics applications. Featuring tactile command buttons and a lighting...

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    iCan Screen 9″ is a ruggedized display specially designed for viewing multimedia contents (videos, moving map…) in the aircraft. Customizable...

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  • DO-254 FPGA design & verification

    DO-254 FPGA design & verification

    Thanks to its huge experience in the development of electronics for DO-254 aerospace applications, Oxytronic developed a range of tools...

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  • Backlit plates

    Backlit plates

    We can develop for you a wide variety of front panels, using either 28VDC, 5VDC, 5VAC. Upon request, these plates...

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  • iCan System

    iCan System

    In 2008, Oxytronic has decided to launch its first product issued from its research department : the iCan system® (Trademark). This...

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    Our control panels as well as our backlit plates can include and support the addition of commutation keys with integrated...

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  • iCan Touch V2

    iCan Touch V2

    The iCan Touch V2 is a customized touch screen, part of the iCan system. (Customer : AIRBUS HELICOPTERS). Do not...

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  • iCan Screen 7″

    iCan Screen 7″

    This screen has the particularity to absorb vibrations in order to improve the vision in flight. It benefits from 3 digital...

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  • iCan Moving Map 3D

    iCan Moving Map 3D

    Launched in partnership with Planet observer company and Telespazio company : the iCan moving map 3-D system, is a geo-localization...

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  • iCan UC V2

    iCan UC V2

    The iCan UC V2 is the central unit of the iCan system. It is a rack composed of different modules...

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  • iCan Splitter

    iCan Splitter

    This product splits 3 analog media inputs source (VGA, S-VIDEO ou Composite) into 10 digital LVDS outputs compatible with the...

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