iCan Wireless Headset

This product is based on Sennheiser S1 digital headset model. One of the main differences is that this new model provides the possibility to remove the physical link with the board without any performance loss. This is a wireless Headset.

The use of the ISM band at 2.4 GHz gives the possibility to keep a high audio quality transmission in the helicopter cabin’s harsh environment.

The use of a new differential microphone on iCan Wifi Headset or iCan Aeroclub gives an improved rejection of the ambient noise during the intercom speech.
A bluetooth link on our iCan Wifi Headset and iCan Aeroclub models is embedded into the base station, allowing an easy connection with any mobil device.

Do not hesitate to read the datasheets of our different models for more details:

Datasheet iCan Aeroclub

Datasheet iCan Wifi Headset

Datasheet iCan Aeroclub


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